About Us

Clinic History

In February of 2009, Jim Streitelmier, pastor of the nondenominational Neighborhood Fellowship Church, located in the area of 10th and Rural in Indianapolis, and Dr. Javier Sevilla, primary care physician and Professor at Methodist/IU Hospital, joined forces to utilize the church to open a free clinic to serve the poor of Indianapolis.

The clinic has continued to grow with the assistance of many community partners, including IU, UIndy and Butler University. The clinic has also been blessed to have had many hundreds of volunteers helping to organize things each week.

Today, on weekdays the Neighborhood Fellowship church is a school. On Sundays it’s a church feeding the soul of the community and the people they serve. From 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, students from IUPUI, Butler, and the Univeristy of Indianapolis come together to bring much-needed healthcare, social assistance, and legal aid to the brand new building across the street from the church on Indy’s near Eastside.

The IU Student Outreach Clinic has been a place of compassion when compassion has been needed most of all. It is a place where the dignity of all people is embraced, patient and student alike.

Jim Strietelmeier